The WeVR Tech

Virtual reality as a training tool​

To get the best possible results with your training, virtual reality is the answer. Not only is it cost-effective and scalable, but it also gives trainees more confidence to implement what they learn, and helps them to retain knowledge for longer. 

But virtual reality as a training tool is only as successful as the tech behind it. That’s where WeVR excels. We combine tech know-how with real-world industry experience to provide effective, people-focused solutions.

Powerful Tech That’s Easy To Use

The software/hardware combination we use for our virtual reality training offers a higher degree of functionality compared with other virtual reality technologies.

The process starts in our DCC (Digital Content Creation) tools, which is where we develop the content for each program. To develop the scenarios, we transfer the content into a modern game engine and then we build them into our virtual reality platform.


Every training scenario presents several issues for trainees to identify. Gaze-tracking collects and collates data about whether someone has looked at a particular aspect of a scene, and whether they’ve actually managed to identify an issue.

Multi-language support

Our virtual reality engine has an incredible capacity to support multiple languages – both verbal languages and closed captions. This removes the language barrier that can hinder the success of other training options.

Six degrees of freedom

Many virtual reality hardware options only support ‘three degrees of freedom’ controls. However, our headsets support ‘six degrees of freedom’ hand controls to track both physical space and rotation, and increase user interaction and flexibility.

* Source: PWC

Aged Care training

The WeVR virtual village

As impressive as the tech behind our solution is, it’s what we’ve created within the solution that matters most.
To create the WeVR village – our simulated training environment – we built 3D models in Maya. Our animators then gave them facial expressions that depict emotions such as pain, sympathy or embarrassment. This enhances the learning opportunities and experience.

We tailor-made the design of the WeVR Aged Care village to mimic the style of Aged Care homes in Australia today.

We then created our Living Legends – the residents of our village. Each has their own personality, life story, family, diagnosis and individualised care requirements, including the ability to choose and change their decisions at any time.

Virtual reality as a training tool is the future.
And we’re bringing that future to Aged Care.

Our developers

We have a team of expert developers, designers and animators with broad cross-discipline training. Working alongside Stephanie Watts, an Aged Care professional of more than 30 years, our developers have created a fit-for-purpose solution that will deliver the change the industry needs.


What languages can the WeVR tech support?

We have a comprehensive list of languages that the WeVR tech can support. However, we can also provide any language your team requires. The language your carers think and dream in is important, as it helps them to process the environment and engage with elders with a greater understanding of their needs. 

When you book a demo, we can discuss your language requirements.

We’ve designed everything to be simple so you can meet your mandatory reporting requirements and have greater insight into skill gaps. Our back-of-house data collation is sophisticated to help you understand the learning experience of each individual and support them with ongoing learning.

Can the WeVR tech integrate with our LMS?

If your LMS has a public-facing API, WeVR can seamlessly integrate with it. It’s not a plug-and-play situation, but we can provide you with integration support to ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for.

For businesses, virtual reality training gives you greater insight into individual skill gaps. Through features like gaze-tracking, you can identify areas for competency development within your team and put solutions in place to address them.

In the Aged Care scenario, virtual reality also increases carer empathy, as trainees get to see scenarios from the perspective of the residents they care for.

No other training tool can deliver these types of benefits in the way virtual reality can.

What other tech do we need alongside the virtual reality tech?

Nothing. Our headsets with haptic hand controls are completely standalone. This means that you don’t even need a computer – or any other tech – to use them. We can upload our programs remotely onto your headset.

Can I view life in Aged Care from the perspective of staff AND residents?

Yes, we offer a multi-perspective view. Our training immerses you in a simulated Aged Care environment. You can choose to view scenarios from all perspectives to see how both residents and care teams respond, feel and show empathy. It’s important for staff to develop empathy for residents, which is why we’ve built this into our software. 

  • address current competencies and skills requirements
  • assist in developing a culture of feedback and continuous improvement
  • define future-focused competencies for your workforce
  • develop an understanding of holistic care across all levels of your team
  • empower your staff to understand their role and work environment.

We’ll continue to innovate our offering to support your business in redefining quality care within your organisation.

Stephanie partnered with other Subject Matter Experts in the Aged Care industry, drawing on their lived experiences to create scenarios based on real-life situations. 

She developed WeVR to deliver game-changing training that disrupts how we think about care.

Can you also run cultural workshops?

Your workplace culture is what empowers your teams and makes them want to come to work. We have specifically designed VR cultural workshops that are tailored for the Aged Care industry.

For your staff to feel empowered in their roles, they also need to understand the culture they’re working in. We offer tailor-made solutions to your specific challenges.