Virtual Reality Training for Aged Care

Empower, engage and enable your workforce to reframe quality care

Closing the skills gap in Aged Care isn’t just about ensuring people can do their job well. Of course, that’s important too. But what’s even more important is that by targeting training to address both current and future competencies, we help our elders to live well.

High-quality care has long been an issue in the Aged Care industry. You simply can’t lift the quality of the care you provide if your workforce isn’t effectively equipped to do so.

As an Aged Care training provider, we equip your staff with essential skills to support safe, quality care. But more than just equipping them, we also empower, engage and enable each person at an individual level.

Virtual Reality…Real Results

Straight up, we’re not a tech company. We’re a people-centred company that uses technology to drive people outcomes. 

Virtual reality is simply how we do it.

And we use virtual reality because it delivers seriously impressive results for you, your team and the elders in your care by immersing your learners into the equivalent of an Aged Care simulator.

* Source: PWC

More confidence

275% more confidence to implement learning on the job

More focused

4x more focused compared to classroom training

More connections

3.75x more connected through meaningful experiences

More training

4x more training in the same time compared to classroom training

Life Matters. Care Matters. Training Matters.

The findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety are staggering. 

We’ve built a solution that aligns with the findings of Care, Dignity and Respect – the Royal Commission’s final report. 

Using virtual reality, we target particular skills or competency gaps to completely individualise learning experiences. 

In our (virtual) village training environment, your staff can experience situations as both a carer and an elder. This gives them unrivalled insight into providing fit-for-purpose care for your residents.

They’ll also have the confidence to apply the learnings they take away from their training in the workplace. And retention also increases – even 12 months down the track, they’ll be 70% more likely to remember what they learned compared with face-to-face learners.

Ultimately, your staff will feel more empowered. They’ll be better equipped to do their jobs and have a far clearer understanding of their roles.

But it’s the elders in your care who benefit the most. With more empowered and engaged carers, the quality of care increases. Care becomes more holistic and caters to the preferences, choices and needs of every individual. 

This is purposeful living. And it’s exactly what the industry needs.

Aged Care training

Inside The Village.

Our Aged Care training is based in our WeVR village: home of The Living Legends. The immersive, people-focused training takes a holistic view of Aged Care and presents real-life scenarios. Take a look for yourself..


The WeVR Model

At WeVR, people are our focus – tech is simply the tool we use to drive results. That’s why we build ‘partnerships in care’ with you to tailor programs that are fit for your staff and residents.

We can work on either a per-seat model or a subscription for your entire organisation. But either way, we offer the same personalised approach.

Our basic training covers all core mandatory training competencies and quality standards. However, we can also build additional training to support your education matrix.

Meet Stephanie Watts

Stephanie Watts isn’t your typical tech start-up founder. Instead, she’s a registered nurse with more than 30 years of Aged Care industry experience at all levels.

Stephanie personally understands the frustrations of front-line workers. She knows how hard it is to navigate the industry and get the information you need to do your job well. She’s been there. And now she wants to make a difference. 

That difference is clear in her mind – it needs to empower carers to identify preventive situations in their environment. It needs to help the industry move towards a model of co-designing care. And it needs to achieve all of this in the context of the culturally and linguistically diverse workforce within the Aged Care sector.

Partnering with VR technology and Subject Matter Experts in the industry, she developed the innovative WeVR Aged Care virtual reality training. And her training is disrupting the industry and driving real change, one virtual reality experience at a time.

“WeVR has created a fun and interactive experience that makes the learning process enjoyable. The nature of the training ensures a consistent experience and delivery across the team, and the value add is the cost and time savings with no travel and accommodation required.”

Simon Thomas, CEO, Australian Health Professionals 

“I truly believe that interactive virtual reality education brings excitement, enthusiasm and interest back to learning. The real-life virtual scenarios allow staff to practise the skills they need for situations that can and do occur in Aged Care.”

Hayley McDonald, Facility Manager, RSL LifeCare


Can we link WeVR training modules to our LMS?

Yes, you can integrate WeVR with your Learning Management System. Our software is designed to work with your LMS to give you a holistic view of your entire training framework.

We’ve designed everything to be simple so you can meet your mandatory reporting requirements and have greater insight into skill gaps. Our back-of-house data collation is sophisticated to help you understand the learning experience of each individual and support them with ongoing learning.

Can we have input into competency questions?

We take a partnership approach with every client, so we can develop the exact training experience you need for your organisation. We can also customise the competency questions to suit your specific training and skill requirements. Alternatively, we can mimic your existing competency questions and insert them into our scenarios.

For businesses, virtual reality training gives you greater insight into individual skill gaps. Through features like gaze-tracking, you can identify areas for competency development within your team and put solutions in place to address them.

In the Aged Care scenario, virtual reality also increases carer empathy, as trainees get to see scenarios from the perspective of the residents they care for.

No other training tool can deliver these types of benefits in the way virtual reality can.

Will our staff understand what's going on?

Absolutely. Your staff are effectively immersed ‘in’ each scenario, which is designed to mimic the busy Aged Care environment. Our tech also incorporates haptics to give trainees additional sensory triggers that enhance learning and decision-making.

When you book a demo, we’ll show you how easy the system is to use. Experiencing the technology first-hand is really the best way to understand it.

Stephanie partnered with other Subject Matter Experts in the Aged Care industry, drawing on their lived experiences to create scenarios based on real-life situations. 

She developed WeVR to deliver game-changing training that disrupts how we think about care.

Can I view life in Aged Care from the perspective of staff AND residents?

Yes, we offer a multi-perspective view. Our training immerses you in a simulated Aged Care environment. You can choose to view scenarios from all perspectives to see how both residents and care teams respond, feel and show empathy. It’s important for staff to develop empathy for residents, which is why we’ve built this into our software. 

  • address current competencies and skills requirements
  • assist in developing a culture of feedback and continuous improvement
  • define future-focused competencies for your workforce
  • develop an understanding of holistic care across all levels of your team
  • empower your staff to understand their role and work environment.

We’ll continue to innovate our offering to support your business in redefining quality care within your organisation.

Stephanie partnered with other Subject Matter Experts in the Aged Care industry, drawing on their lived experiences to create scenarios based on real-life situations. 

She developed WeVR to deliver game-changing training that disrupts how we think about care.

Can you also run cultural workshops?

Your workplace culture is what empowers your teams and makes them want to come to work. We have specifically designed VR cultural workshops that are tailored for the Aged Care industry.

For your staff to feel empowered in their roles, they also need to understand the culture they’re working in. We offer tailor-made solutions to your specific challenges.