Driving digital transformation in Aged Care

WeVR is revolutionising training in the Aged Care industry, one virtual reality experience at a time. We draw on 30+ years of Aged Care industry experience and extensive tech know-how to drive digital transformation and disrupt how the industry cares for its people. 

Our approach is a personalised one. Every Aged Care resident is unique, as are the individuals who care for them. So our innovative technology caters to culturally and linguistically diverse teams, offering a tailored experience for each person. 

We are not a tech company. We’re a human impact company with a strong tech backbone. This isn’t just about skills or ticking boxes. It’s about creating environments that empower our workers and ensure our residents thrive. 

Care, Dignity and Respect, the final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, identified a large number of challenges within the industry. 

Our new quality standards say it’s time to support residents in taking risks and making their own choices about how they want to live their lives. But to do that, we need a model that supports skilled, informed and fit-for-purpose carers who can make sure this happens. 

The time is now.

Our Vision

We are unapologetically bold in our vision for implementing virtual reality training into the Aged Care industry. When so much is at stake, bold is the only way to be.

We envision the industry as one where we have courageous conversations in our circles of care. One where supportive care teams who embrace this environment give elders the opportunity to co-design care, take risks and live their best lives.

It is also one where each carer clearly understands their position and has the skills to provide the care chosen by each elder. And one where that carer also understands how to co-design care within an environment that values and encourages an empowered workforce.

In short: we’re creating a workplace revolution of social change to reframe models of care.
But at the core of our vision are the elders. It’s all about them. They deserve better-quality outcomes and a framework that recognises them as unique individuals, not as a homogeneous group. Our elders need to be repositioned at the centre of all decision-making, the centre of our circle of care, choosing their best life.

There’s a gap between the Aged Care models of the past and what’s needed for the future.

WeVR is the bridge to get you there.

Our Tech

As a training tool, virtual reality delivers impressive results. Research has shown that virtual reality training:

  • speeds up the education process: 20 mins can deliver the same impact as 2hrs of face-to-face training
  • increases retention: a year down the track, trainees remember up to 70% more than those who’ve done face-to-face training.

Our immersive virtual reality training incorporates haptics that allow your team to ‘feel’ things in the virtual world and get instant feedback. Gaze-tracking functionality also allows you to detect trends at an individual user level for highly-targeted training. 

Plus, in recognition of the linguistically diverse nature of the industry, our tech offers multi-language support so your team can train in their native language.

Our Values

People First

We know the tech inside and out, but tech is just our tool. People are our passion. We take a human-centred approach to everything we do to drive solid outcomes for the people who make the Aged Care industry what it is.


Leading with empathy, we’re on a path to empower every carer so they can understand, respond to and enable all residents to live their best lives.

Making a Difference

We started WeVR to make a difference. And that’s what continues to get us out of bed every single day. We know that what we’ve created will change the game for both residents and carers across the industry.




Stephanie Watts’ heart lies in the Aged Care industry. It’s an industry she loves… which is why she needed to do something to improve both the quality of care for residents and the workplace experience of carers.

She’s worked in the industry for 30 years – first as a registered nurse and carer, and then in management, executive and consulting roles. And that time has given Stephanie first-hand experience of the challenges and frustrations on all sides of Aged Care.

The Living Legends

The WeVR Living Legends are the characters who live within our training village, each with their own story of care. Just a few examples include:

  • Adventurous Alice, who has a penchant for absconding and wandering into staff areas
  • Cancerous Rex, who’s in palliative care
  • Understanding Ursula, who struggles with everyday tasks due to her rheumatoid arthritis
  • Holistic Henry, who suffers from osteoarthritis in his hands, knees and hips after a lifetime of physical labour
  • Discovering Daisy, who has a fascinating life story and a raft of associated health conditions

Our care teams also have characters, including:

  • Loveable Lucy, who takes time to listen and respond to resident wishes
  • Nurse Just-a-Minute, who’s very task-focused and doesn’t have time to view the environment around her

Each Living Legend character and situation is based on real-life Aged Care experience.