Immersive Learning. Connected Care.

Revolutionising Aged Care training through virtual reality to enhance residents’ lives

Drawing on 30+ years of Aged Care experience, we’ve built an industry-transforming virtual reality training solution.

Our innovative Aged Care training program has industry-wide application. But it can also be individually tailored to get to the heart of the issue in any specific Aged Care home or Home Care setting. 

The end result is higher-quality personalised care for our elders.

Redefining Aged Care Training

The challenges of the Aged Care industry are very visible in the 2021 Royal commission Report, Care, Dignity and Respect. The report calls for fundamental reform and highlights the need to professionalise the Aged Care workforce through changes to education and training. The industry needs to improve opportunities for learning and professional development, as well as upgrading the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the existing workforce. 

We created WeVR from a desire to address those challenges and elevate the definition of ‘quality care’ in Australia. 

By equipping, empowering, engaging and enabling each person at every level, we have the opportunity to reset the benchmark. In doing so, we build a brighter future for our industry.

We’re not about lip service. We’re about driving systemic change and rewriting the Aged Care story by giving all individuals back their agency and their dignity.

  • Empowering individuals with the confidence to implement their learning
  • Identifying skill gaps to develop competency at an individual level and minimise organisational risk
  • Building an empathetic workforce with higher levels of engagement, and a more personalised experience for our elders
  • Reframing care to help residents thrive in Home and Aged Care environments
  • Making training more accessible to culturally and linguistically diverse carers

Aged Care training

The Tech That Drives The Change

Tech is our tool. It’s not who we are. Our innovative focus is on building a world where learners immerse themselves in a safe training environment that can demonstrate the real-world consequences of workplace mistakes.

We also focus on outcomes. We’re driven to get real outcomes that have real people impacts.

Virtual reality training creates those outcomes by cutting through learning barriers. It gets results by raising engagement, accelerating learning and connecting humanity and technology.

And that’s who we are.

By 2050, the number of elders in care is predicted to require the Aged Care workforce to have grown significantly faster than the broader economy. 30% of those carers are expected to come from skilled migration.

The remainder will come from new trainees and health and disability professionals. Training is the key to ensuring a better-skilled workforce that can meet the care demands of the future.

weVR can ease the burden


What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an immersive, simulated 3D environment that allows people to interact with pre-defined scenarios. The user essentially ‘steps into’ the environment, complete with various sensory triggers that include vision, hearing and touch.

What does virtual reality offer that other training methods don’t?

For users, virtual reality has shown significant benefits in terms of knowledge retention and learning implementation. People who train via virtual reality have greater confidence in implementing what they learn, and a better understanding of their role and work environment.

For businesses, virtual reality training gives you greater insight into individual skill gaps. Through features like gaze-tracking, you can identify areas for competency development within your team and put solutions in place to address them.

In the Aged Care scenario, virtual reality also increases carer empathy, as trainees get to see scenarios from the perspective of the residents they care for.

No other training tool can deliver these types of benefits in the way virtual reality can.

What Aged Care experience do you have to understand what our industry needs?

Our founder, Stephanie Watts, is a registered nurse who has more than 30 years of experience in Aged Care. She’s a Registered Nurse who’s worked across the industry in both caring and management roles.

Stephanie partnered with other Subject Matter Experts in the Aged Care industry, drawing on their lived experiences to create scenarios based on real-life situations. 

She developed WeVR to deliver game-changing training that disrupts how we think about care.

How can WeVR help us to address the strategic actions from the Matter of Care report?

Generally, WeVR can help you to address your workforce development and planning to better equip and enable your staff. Specifically, WeVR Aged Care training is designed to:

  • address current competencies and skills requirements
  • assist in developing a culture of feedback and continuous improvement
  • define future-focused competencies for your workforce
  • develop an understanding of holistic care across all levels of your team
  • empower your staff to understand their role and work environment.

We’ll continue to innovate our offering to support your business in redefining quality care within your organisation.

Stephanie partnered with other Subject Matter Experts in the Aged Care industry, drawing on their lived experiences to create scenarios based on real-life situations. 

She developed WeVR to deliver game-changing training that disrupts how we think about care.

Can we have a demo of the WeVR tech to see if it will suit our business?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us to book a demo, and we’ll take you through the details and answer all your questions.